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A No B.S. Approach

No B.S. Computer Repair LLC covers many of the common IT needs businesses and individuals experience such as computer repair, server management, network configuration, managed services, ad campaign management, and SEO.

We offer on-site, pickup and return, remote support, and managed services depending on the requirements of the customer.

Computer Repair


Before working on a computer, diagnostic tests are done to find the cause of any issues, the current state of the computer, and the best course of action for repairs.

Hardware Repairs

While computers can often run for long periods of time, eventually they need cleaning to remove dust which could cause overheating, or replacement of failing parts.

Virus Removal

Viruses can be dangerous to your device and your information. They can cause your computer to malfunction and steal personal information such as logins, credit card information, and more. Don’t let viruses take over your computer.

Data Recovery

Accidentally delete a file or have a computer crash that had important photos? We have services designed to recover recently deleted files or to transfer data from old systems to new.

Server Repair

Monitoring And Protection

24/7 monitoring alerts us to potential problems, often before others are aware of any issues. Combined with protection from viruses that is always up to date, your servers will stay at peak efficiency.


Every business has crucial data that cannot be lost. If a proper backup plan isn’t in place that data is at risk from hardware failures, accidental deletion, and ransomware. Our backups are encrypted and stored on the cloud, and automatically detect and prevent ransomware attacks.

Installation And Configuration

Server setup with user accounts, network configuration, and file sharing can be complicated. Let us help get things up and running with your server so you can fully utilize all it has to offer.

Repair And Upgrades

We offer services for replacing failed hardware, upgrading old equipment, and recovering recently deleted files. Get your critical servers professionally serviced.

Managed Services

24/7 Monitoring

Around the clock monitoring tracks the health of your computers and servers and alerts us to any potential issues, allowing us to fix problems before they are often noticed.


We protect your computers and servers with virus protection that is always up to date prevents infection combined with DNS protection to prevent connecting to malicious domains.


Protect your critical data, computers, and servers with encrypted backups. Don’t risk losing everything due to deletion, hardware failure, or the increasing risk of ransomware. Our backup solution even detects and prevents ransomware attacks.

Email And Website Hosting

Focus more on your business and let us handle the hosting and management of your email accounts and websites. Use email easily with Exchange or Office 365, and stop worrying about maintaining your websites.

Network Repair

Setup and Configuration

Networks form the backbone of of most businesses today. Correct router and switch configuration is needed for a network to function properly, and we have the skills needed.


Need connectivity without the cord? We’ll get you set up with professional WiFi equipment and configure it for your needs so laptops and phones can access your network and the internet.


Have multiple parts to your business that need to be separated? Perhaps you want a guest network? We can get that set up for you with the proper equipment and configuration.


Secure remote access to the office or between offices, or keeping your internet usage private, VPNs cover a variety of needs. We can help set up VPNs to cover your needs.

Ad Campaigns

Campaign Management

PPC advertising campaigns allow you to get in front of more people increasing website traffic, calls, and business visits. We offer creation and ongoing management and optimization to ensure you get better value for your money.


We work within your budget so there aren’t any surprise expenses. Also, with ongoing optimization your budget can go further.

Keyword Research

Keywords determine when your ads show in front of potential customers. That’s why it’s important to use the right ones, and to optimize for the best performance within a budget.

Audience Targeting

Many businesses have specific areas that they cover, and spending on advertising outside that area is often wasteful. We can help make sure your money goes where it should.


Get Found Online

Show up when people search for products, services, and businesses like yours. The goal of SEO is to improve ranking in organic non-paid search results.

Accurate Business Listings

Get your business information where people can find it. Not only will it help your SEO, but it also becomes another source of traffic and leads.

Keyword Optimization

Keywords are the words and phrases related to your business that are the focus of your content. They are what shape the search queries under which your business appears.

Site Content Optimization

Ensuring you have the right content and the content loads properly is crucial to SEO. Slow webpages and incorrect content can adversely affect how you rank.

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