Computer Services

Computer Repair Services

We offer services to fit almost any need for computer repair including virus removal, cleanup and tuneup, operating system re-installation, part replacements, and file recovery.

Repairs are often performed on a pickup and return basis due to the length of time required by some repairs.


Before working on a computer, diagnostic tests are done to find the cause of any issues, the current state of the computer, and the best course of action for repairs.

Virus Removal

Viruses can be dangerous to your device and your information. They can cause your computer to malfunction and steal personal information such as logins, credit card information, and more. Don’t let viruses take over your computer.

Cleanup And Tuneup

Removes old temporary files, cleanup logs and updates, and more to clear storage space and attempt to regain some lost speed. Often most helpful on older devices.

OS Reinstall

Refresh to a clean slate. An operating system reinstall includes formatting the hard drive to remove all data and reinstalling the OS. This allows for the cleanest possible install.

Part Replacement

While computers can often run for long periods of time, eventually they need cleaning to remove dust which could cause overheating, or replacement of failing parts.

File Recovery

Accidentally delete a file or have a computer crash that had important photos? We have services designed to recover recently deleted files or to transfer data from old systems to new.

Repair Your Computer Today

Managed IT Services

24/7 Monitoring

Lets us know if something is going wrong, often before the user is aware, allowing us to proactively fix the problem.


Protects from viruses, malware, and adware from running and infecting your system and is always up to date.

DNS Protection

Prevents accessing or being redirected to known malicious domains, reducing potential threats before they reach your computer.

Ransomware Protection

Automatically detects ransomware trying to encrypt files and stops it while restoring any affected files from backup, allowing work to continue.

Full System Backup

Allows us to restore systems to a previous backup even if the restore is to new hardware, or just recover accidentally deleted files.

Disaster Recovery

For instances where downtime is critical, we can turn on a virtual copy of the covered servers to keep business going.