Network Services

Network Issues

  • No Internet
  • Web Pages Not Loading
  • Connection Dropping
  • Poor WiFi Signal
  • Slow Speeds
  • Can’t Connect To Others
  • Network Shares Not Working

Available Services

Setup and Configuration

Correct router and switch configuration is needed for networks to function properly. Whether you just need connection to the internet or between many departments we have you covered.

WiFi Network

Need connectivity without the cord? We’ll get you set up with professional WiFi equipment and configure it for your needs so laptops and phones can access your network and the internet.

Guest Network And WiFi

Separate your guest traffic from your business traffic to maintain better security and control. Give guests access to the internet without having to worry about them having access to the business side of things.


Utilize multiple subnets to segregate traffic going through the same equipment, saving on overall equipment costs. Separate departments, guests, and devices for security and efficiency.

VPN Setup

Secure remote access to the office or between offices, or keeping your internet usage private, VPNs cover a variety of needs. We can help set up VPNs to cover your needs.

Common Networking Hardware


Routers connect your business network to other networks such as the internet or for larger businesses different departments. They perform many functions such as traffic routing (hence the name), and often have other functions such as monitoring, assigning IP addresses using DHCP, and a basic firewall.


Switches come in a couple different main forms. Unmanaged switches are simple devices that allow for communication between local devices or a router. Managed switches have more functionality allowing for configuration, managing, and monitoring.

Wireless Access Points

An access point (AP) allows wireless devices to connect to the network. Many small business and home routers have some form of WiFi built-in. While this may work in small environments, they are typically more prone to issues than a stand alone AP.

Standalone Firewalls

Firewalls are designed to stop unwanted traffic from entering or leaving a network depending on configuration. Standalone firewalls are typically used in larger environments as an extra layer of protection.

Don’t let network disruptions bring business to a halt.