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Computer Repair

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Operating System Reinstall

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Computer And Server Repair

Technicians at No B.S. Computer Repair, LLC specialize in working with businesses. We repair and manage servers and workstations both onsite and offsite. For larger repairs,an estimate can be provided after diagnosis to make budgeting decisions easier. As a small business located in Fayetteville, we understand the needs of other businesses in the area and will work with you to meet your goals.

Repair Related Services

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Make Regular Computer Repair Calls A Thing Of The Past

Computer problems are a pain. They always happen at the worst times, work can’t be done, and stress piles up. For your business, it’s important to ask these questions:

  • How many service calls have you made for computer related issues?
  • How often do you experience frozen screens, annoying popups, viruses, hardware failures, and other problems?
  • How many hours of productivity are lost due to computer related problems?
  • How many surprise bills have you paid for technical support?
  • How much stress is caused by managing your own computer networks?
  • How much is your business spending on temporary fixes?

What if you could solve all these issues with one solution?

Computer Laptop

Relieve The Stress And Regain Control: Leave Your IT To Us

Our goal is to solve the issues your business faces when it comes to IT and computers. We also want to make your systems reliable and efficient, which will reduce or eliminate the repair and support calls. To do this, we provide comprehensive coverage of your IT infrastructure. From servers to workstations and the network that connects them together we’ll handle the technical stuff. That way you can focus on the other aspects of your business.

What you can get with us:

  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Remote Management
  • Technical Support And Repairs
  • Cybersecurity Training And Protection
  • Network Management
  • Local And Cloud Backups of Critical Files And Servers
  • Disaster Recovery Options

If your infrastructure isn’t quite up to date, we will work with you on creating a plan with defined goals to get you back on track. We’ll also help with keeping things up-to-date so you can plan and budget for future expenses. Relieve the stress and become more productive today by contacting us and asking about our managed services.