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Why Managed IT Support

As a business owner, you may know of the need to stay current with technology trends in your business. However, you may not have the time, resources, or knowledge to manage and integrate new or relevant technology into your business. Perhaps you want a turn key solution. That’s where managed services come in.

No B.S. Computer Repair, LLC is a managed service provider (MSP) and specializes in fulfilling the IT needs of small to medium sized businesses. Our clients outsource their technology needs to us so that they can concentrate on their core business. By using No B.S. Computer Repair, LLC as your managed IT service and support provider, you can rest assured that your business is in good hands.

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Technical Support

In the past, most businesses relied on a break/fix model where support was provided only as required after things went wrong. This often resulted in a mad scramble to find and fix the issue. The break/fix model isn’t the best method for IT support as it’s difficult to provide consistent services such as maintenance and monitoring.

No B.S. Computer Repair, LLC goes about things a bit differently. As a managed service provider, we work in the background to prevent as many issues as possible before they can cause disruptions. Our goal is to keep things running smoothly for your business, increasing reliability and decreasing downtime.

Secure your business with anti-virus protection and firewalls with our managed services.


We take cybersecurity seriously at No B.S. Computer Repair, LLC. Our cybersecurity services will help protect your business from attacks such as data breaches, phishing attempts, ransomware attacks, and all other harmful attacks on your systems. With 24/7 cybersecurity monitoring and protection, No B.S. Computer Repair, LLC is ready to protect your business.

Protection is only part of the battle. Training to identify certain attacks is also vital. That is why our services include training employees on cybersecurity best practices for subjects such as passwords, emails, and websites.

Backup data with our managed services.


Backups are essential for all critical data. Our backup services secure your data so you are prepared in the event of catastrophe. Be sure your data is safe from accidental deletion, hardware failure, lightning strikes, and ransomware.

Backups are stored both locally and in the cloud. Doing so protects your data in the event of a local disaster while having faster restores from the local storage. Don’t worry about your data in the backup, it’s encrypted before leaving your servers so to everyone else it looks like gibberish.

No B.S. Computer Repair, LLC has your back with managed backups of your critical data.

Business network support and management with managed services.


Networks are the backbone of technology and collaboration. They connect devices to each other and the internet, and are the first line of defense against attacks. Therefore, a well designed network will take full advantage of the devices connected to it while having less downtime.

No B.S. Computer Repair, LLC can design, implement, monitor, and manage your business networks to meet your needs. Thus, you can get enhanced security and solid WiFi coverage for your business with our managed services.

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Productivity Apps

Your employees need the right tools to get the job done fast. That’s why our managed services include Microsoft Office 365 for each employee. With this, you’ll get the standard Microsoft apps as well as some extras like SharePoint and Teams that are designed for collaboration and communication. You’ll also get OneDrive for in the cloud storage of files.

Manage company announcements, news, documents, and more in apps designed to improve your workflow. Likewise, get your employees working together seamlessly. Let our managed services boost your productivity.